Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

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Get ready to transform yourself both inside and out. Join האקדמיה לאומנויות הלחימה to nurture the warrior within, enhance your self-esteem, and take your practice to the next level. With our wide variety of classes for all skill levels, everyone is truly welcome.

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

About האקדמיה לאומנויות הלחימה

Since 2000, we have been the leading Martial Arts School proudly offering the Rishon LeTsiyon area unsurpassed quality. We strive to take martial arts back to its roots as both a physical and spiritual art form that represents a harmonious way of life. In a world of seemingly unending pressures, we represent an oasis of calm and balance.

Martial arts give you the tool to stay present and focused while standing in the eye of the storm. It is this self-awareness that allows you to make the best decisions in stressful situations, and to defend yourself when needed. We promote inner advancement above outward appearance.

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